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Action Bronson – Storm Of The Century Lyrics

ARTIST: Action Bronson
SONG TITLE: Storm Of The Century


Action Bronson Storm Of The Century Lyrics:

[Intro: Action Bronson]
It’s the motherfuckin’ Cocodrillo
Cocodrillo Turbo
Doctor Baklava
It’s me, uh, it’s me
What do they call a dentist? Is it doctor? (maybe)
Nah, it’s me
Uh, it’s me

[Verse: Action Bronson]
Tear the top off the [?], I’m on Melrose
For whom the bell tolls
Baby, I never did them shell toes
Many different privates was melting on the stove
You kiss it up to God and shoot it in your toe
My favorite Starter jacket was the Seminoles (Sure was)
Shawty pussy wetter than a gremlin’s nose
I’ve done things only the Devil knows
Got bicep tendonitis from revving the boat
And all this ancient knowledge, reverend, that’s from heavens ago
I’m in the ocean while it snows, it’s just the life I chose
Head first ’cause any other way don’t make no sense like a red Smurf
Or confusing James Earl Jones with Fred Durst (don’t do it)
Shit, I’m in that low rider
Lookin’ like a member of Latino Heat but it’s Baklava
Jeez-Louise [?]
Full occupied floating by like a pot of a vodka pie
Steer the wheel with my knee while I eat the vodka slice
There’s seven figures on the marble, that’s when I shot the dice
I know you’re hoping that it’s not my night
Shit, man
[Saxophone: Yung Mehico]

Turbo, Turbo, Turbo

[Saxophone: Yung Mehico]


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