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Cold Hart – ​​snowwhite + whispers Lyrics

SONG TITLE: ​​snowwhite + whispers


Cold Hart ​​snowwhite + whispers Lyrics:

You know that
I’ll always be bad for you
Always be bad for you
Yeah, yeah

See, I don’t give a fuck (Uh) if they was with me or against me (Yeah)
And I don’t got no time to waste my energy, that’s passed me
Gon’ be more bad days, don’t you worry ’bout that
And a storm comin’ soon, you get used to the fact (Fact)
You get used to the rain
I hate when you in pain, wish I could feel it, it’s sad
Take it away (I’m with that), yeah, I take you away
And you can feel when I’m away, so [?]
Now it’s like ten to two, up in the sky for you
Said I’m to the sky for you, nah, nah
You know that
That I ain’t tryna play about you, baby, no, not ever
Pockets can fit these all types of cheese, most of ’em are cheddar
I’m in a snow-white AMG CLE with leather, oh-oh
You know that I love your smile, you’re back in so long
And I just wanna be there for every moment, just hold on
And don’t ever change the way that you are
‘Cause you are the way that you need to be
Yeah (Baby), baby, this the song for you (The song for you)
Baby (Song for you, above the sky for you)

[Part II: whispers]


We takin’ trips out to the beach, put our feet in the sand
And we don’t make plans, but it always makes sense
Yeah, I just wanna know how you feel
Flyin’ in that white AMG, smokin’ kill
Yeah, I’m smokin’ on that kill
You fell out of the sky, I can’t get down below
And everything you been through made you so, so cold
Just like me, baby, just like me
Never needed anyone or anybody
But I just want your body on me
I just wanna have you only
I swear all these bitches Androids, baby, you an iPhone
All black Prada tracksuit made of nylon
Hardbody, she don’t need a shoulder to cry on
Silk sheets, handy pillowcase just to lie on
I swear I’d die about you, so fly on
I swear that I’d write about you like an author
I swear that I’d ride about you, start a riot
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh
Whispers in the nighttime tell me you’re the right one, ohh
Whispers in the nighttime tell me you’re the right one, ohh


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