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CXRPSE Therapy Lyrics:

Therapy Lyrics
Uh, yeah

[Verse 1]
I feel like shit, I feel tired
I feel like I’m under fire, and I’m ready to retire
Take a wire, and wrap that shit around my fuckin’ neck
All the money I acquire but I’m still in mental debt
Fuck a check, call my father tell him that I did my best
I confess, I give up, I cannot handle the stress
Fuck the rest, I feel like Kanye, motherfuck the press
I’m gettin’ tired of wastin’ my time, bein’ depressed, uh
Wanna see me better? Better get the fuck away
Wanna run up on me? Pussy boy, I’ll lay your ass to waist
Fuck face, uh, you cannot relate, uh
Niggas wanna hate, uh, fuck what you say, yeah, yeah, uh
I been doin’ this shit for a minute, hit my limit, uh
Motherfuck a gimmick, I don’t do it for a image, uh
Bitch, I need my liquor, grab my pen, I wrote some, kill some more
I’m just tryna blow so I can tell my folks I did it, uh
[Verse 2]
I’m just tryna reach my goals, I’m just tryna make it happen
Don’t know how I started rappin’, it just happened, I’m not cappin’, uh
Tryna make this capital, old friends, I scratch it off
I’m not tryna rap it off, I guess I can’t have it all
You can’t understand what I go through every day
Just sit up at the table, we could all share a plate
If you acting fuckin’ stupid we gon’ have to run a fake
That’s the fate of you pussy niggas, go sit on a plane


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