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​daine – weekends Lyrics

ARTIST: ​daine
SONG TITLE: weekends


​daine weekends Lyrics:

Weekends im bleeding
Kept secrets im falling out
Stopping myself from texting you back
I dont wanna be alone but im acting like it

I dont wanna sleep
Dont have time to breathe
I wanna stay awake all damn week
I can never sleep I stay grinding
Look for me on the tv and you might see

Is it really that surprising
Dont ever wanna fall cause I might bleed
I stay shining even tho I’m crying
He call me up like an addict cause
He might be

But I dont feel sad now its over
Everybody wanna say shit I know her
Since day one I been a loner
Anybody claiming og is a poser

Bullet to my brain
Woulda gave my everything
Just to be like one of you
Swearing unto oath untrue

And you think im insane
Cause I didnt feel the same
But maybe thats my plan
To feel more than standard

I think I deserve more than I want
So I went out and ran that shit right up
Ima bleed out on the pavement
Dont need no one to save me
Nothing in my veins
I feel amazing

Nothing in my heart left it draining
All these social paradigms
Frustrate me guess I never really cared for
Run it back
Here I am you cant save me


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