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Belle and Sebastian – Do It for Your Country Lyrics

ARTIST: Belle and Sebastian
SONG TITLE: Do It for Your Country


Belle and Sebastian Do It for Your Country Lyrics:

Lying next to you, how could I go wrong?
Lying in your state of glory
Sad to see you go, miss you little ho (hosebag)
Sad to reach the end of story
Watch baby as you go
If you think the world’s full of people
Sent to hate you
Then it will be so, cos you make the world
And you make the people in it

Everything you see, feel, experience
Happens in your sloppy soul, girl
The world is just a game
Something made of clay
But you are the great creator
So banish all your fears, grab it by the ears
Love and other things of beauty reign
Ask not what your country can do for you
Baby do it for your country
Now you have to go, lеave us all behind
For a life that’s lеss sedentary
You dream of being a star, but you half way are
You just have to time your entry
Your freedom and your youth
Flowing through your veins
Desperate that it would elude you
Let me wish you peace, store it, you may need it
One time when your day is empty

Drink honey if it helps you out
With every choice there comes a nagging doubt
Depends where you want to sink your faith
The people that you fall in love with
Are never what they say

I know you look at me, lobster in a pot
Songbird in a gilded nightmare
Nothing will hold you, not even when he begs
To wrap around your legs and hips and
Hey! give the boy a break
You know what you want
All he wants is to be near you
In between your thighs, somewhat mesmerised
Never underestimate your spell


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