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Mili (Indie) – Iron Lotus (Key Ingredient ver.) Lyrics

ARTIST: Mili (Indie)
SONG TITLE: Iron Lotus (Key Ingredient ver.)


Iron Lotus (Key Ingredient ver.) Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Frozen stairs, carpet in blood red
Seating goodbyes left unsaid
Despite our promises, here I am following your steps

[Verse 2]
Drop by drop
As your unchanging reality dampen my sleeve
You kissed them off
Through the fibers of my handkerchief
I am fire
Burn those who dare to care for me
And my fuel are memories
They perish with the heat
So I can move on
Flower of iron
Shrivelled up to hide the imposter in me
“Why did you leave?”
Don’t let those words out of me
So I chewed on 話梅糖

[Verse 3]
For whom the shelves hold on to the pages?
Their pain, their joy were given value as they were rated
Isn’t it ironic?
Greed is unlimited; freedom is a limited resource
Extra-large for you means less for me

[Verse 4]
I banged the drums
Court of hell
Demanding a new trial
You got the wrong head
Would you take mine instead?
Stop leading me on
World of titan allows me to live
Only in the mud down its feet
Though you’re not with me
I’ll never admit defeat
Every nice thing about me has become 殘香

You showed me I still had an umbrella full of love inside me
So thank you for everything
It pains me to think
That my happiness turned out to be one of those fingers
That strangled you until you couldn’t breathe
Not ashamed to go this way
It’s my fate
I’m on my last white rabbit 奶糖

I am iron
In my blood, it streams roots deep
With bruises on my knees
And ribs crushed down to pieces
Nothing left to hold on
Actually wait
I do have one regret
That day before you left me
“You’re my everything”
“You’re my everything”
We sucked on 麥芽糖


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