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44 Bird – Time (Spin The Block) Lyrics

ARTIST: 44 Bird
SONG TITLE: Time (Spin The Block)


44 Bird Time (Spin The Block) Lyrics:

[Verse 1: MaxThaDemon]

[Verse 2: 44 Bird]
Look at my bag I just doubled mvp like dame in the bubble to smoke in your pack it would be no trouble
I be laughing so hard that I pay no mind
All my shooters get to kill in when it’s drillin time

Bust through the ceiling don’t care what your feeling it’s bird and the demon you talking online but scared to meet him leading in scoring every season

Sneak in from the back end
Stop all the cappin
Came up from trapping
Gang never lacking
Making shit happen
Stop for a minute then I’m going back in
I got her location you know that I’m tracking
I shoot at the buzzer and I’m sending em packing
I got some things that probably illegal me and my wifе making movies like regal don’t carе bout your life only what’s real you tried to score but I came with the steal

There isn’t a single thing I can feel
I knock yo ass down like Shaquille o Neal
You running your mouth then get rolled like a wheel
I’ll take your diamonds and put them on her heel
Enougj said you couldn’t kill me I was born dead

I ain’t heard you say shit since I put it on
I got God by my side so ain’t nothing wrong
Biggest bird in the game and that is no lie
I’m always gonna ride shawty by my side
I could sell you some old shoes that are not your size
Look inside my eyes diamond bong you see I’m high
Don’t you even try or we drivin by bullets gonna fly make yo mama cry
Praying to the sky
Stay on the grind

I ain’t leave in time
Thanking the lord for all of my blessings
But I’m still in that demon time
Taking your card like chime I don’t needa rhyme from the 3 point line shoot you like curry

You smoking that Reggie my Glock always ready I’m rocking the fetti we aim at you steady
As we crashing your wedding with shots as confetti cuz beef is so petty
We came up from nothing to something I’m tired of fronting your gang is all cap and you ain’t really stunting
I hear all you fags running your mouths but still I don’t pay no mind
From the 3 point line I be shooting like curry
You smoking that Reggie
Load my Glock and it’s ready I’m rocking the fetti

All the drugs my body needs I’m on your block making you bleed

Serving the fiends
Choppa my jeans
Step back and swish like pg13
I be so fly lookin so clean
I’m with my queen
She begging for attention excessively

Westwood chain as an accessory
I’m a young thug like I’m jeffery

You shoulda never ever thought of testing me
No one done it like my successfully
Cough up a lung in your food A recipe
On a opps street it be looking like sesame

La verge wey you cannot stay if you wanna live you better pray
Shooters gon spray
Keep to myself and they still gonna hate
It isn’t easy but I’ll never break
I’m One of the greats
Everyday stay on my block and I’m rolling a j
No one done it like me successfully
Thank god he blessing me gave me the recipe
Bird got the gas dispensary
Now when talking shit you cannot mention me
My bitch Latina but she look pretty white tho you talking thay shit but you don’t wanna fight bro
[12:56 PM]
Why My body think I need it pull up in your block and the. I bleed it
Cut of the snakes like I got a machete I’m tryna duck girl you better be ready

They don’t know what they doing tagging my hood but I know that they not shooting
And I know that I hate losing

Aim at your fitted-to show you we not cooling
Drive off with my gang unit can’t name a single drug that we not movin

On the block and we start looting
Watching u cry cuz It so amusing

Look at my bag I just doubled shooters like dame in the bubble

Smoking your pack with no trouble
Praying to god I stay humble
Thats the key part of the hussle

Got the whole team in the huddle
Hop out American muscle
Asking who wanna tussle
You dug a whole with no shovel

Shouldn’t of signed to the devil

Now you can’t get on my level
This beef will never be settled
So by now I think u regretting it
On the opp block and you know that we stretching shit
My name you better not mention it disrespect the family and you know that I’ll send a hit

. Going to hard And I’ll never quit I been on tne grind since a jit
Been balling so hard for a scholarship
Replaying this track tryna polish it

On a different time get to a bag tryna make it for me and mine on a different grind work off my ass I’m surprised that I’m still alive
I ain’t even try

Get it regardless I know the world is mine
I know that they lie
I can just read em by all the snakes in their eyes


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