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Action Bronson – Jaguar Lyrics

ARTIST: Action Bronson


Action Bronson Jaguar Lyrics:

The doctor
It’s me
Who the fuck else? It’s me
(‘Cause I know you, yeah)
Let ’em know

Never look me in the eye like a gypsy sellin’ roses
Mysterious lady with the dragon tattoo on her shoulder
Let the Tommy off at the stroller with the motor
And jump over the hood of the Jaguar like a jaguar
Aw man
Come the fuck on, man
You know it’s me, bitch
(‘Cause I know you, yeah)
You could find me in a tree like a black jaguar
Or in aisle three at Pathmark ’bout to buy my son a matchbox car
My performance like Aaron Donald at the combine
Love and hate, there’s a fine line
Should I let it go, or turn him to a wanton?
[?] long time
I position that high ground
Cover [?] shore
Your bitch got a face like Paulie Shore
It takes forever to pull a long .44 out my shorts
I don’t give a fuck if you five hundred pounds, you gettin’ tossed up
Bitch, I’m all high and sauced up
I put five Corvette engines in a Porsche truck
Red seats look like raw duck
Just hike the ball to me on the fourth hut
Fuckin’ bitch, it’s me
Baklava and Coco-drillo

God damn, bro, you’re lookin’ like a bison
Nah dog, I look like M. Bison
Black widow on my tricep
You could find a head in the freezer next to them rainbow icees
Yeah, you see me with that all day glow
Two door forest green country Range Rover
Jump off ladders like Edge
Bronson’s off his meds
I just did a summersault out the jet
To show respect call me Chef
And stand off to the left
Now it’s best you [?]
‘Cause you don’t wanna fuckin’ stand off
One little move of my finger will knock your fuckin’ pajamas off
And hit your bitch with a banana boat


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