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Babyface Ray – My Thoughts 3 / Pop’s Prayer Lyrics

ARTIST: Babyface Ray
SONG TITLE: My Thoughts 3 / Pop’s Prayer


Babyface Ray My Thoughts 3 / Pop’s Prayer Lyrics:

(Damn, turn that shit up, Kur)
(I hate you, Rose)

[Verse 1]
Made somethin’ out of nothin’, lean all out in public
Workin’ morning, I’m clubbin’
She wanted a kid, I bought her a puppy
You know I’m a dog and she love it
Stay true to yourself
Word of advice, nigga, do it yourself
First chance they get, gon’ be tellin’ the laws
Niggas ain’t built to be stuck in a cell
All that screamin’ that they ’bout that life
Killers come around, they be tuckin’ they tail
Watch your bitch ’cause this shit get trife
Money get low, she fuckin’ your friend (Shit be trife)
Yeah, tryna change for the better
In Clearwater for the sweater
Busy man, I got shows lined up
But your ho on the schedule
Forty racks for this bitch plain jane
Twenty more for the bezel
Lil’ nigga, naw, I don’t gangbang
Amiri jeans, bandana
Puttin’ on for Montana
Puttin’ on for my gang, puttin’ on for my city
You know that I’m chewin’
Cheesecake in my jeans, diamonds dancin’ like Diddy
You know that I’m eatin’ it
And I’m playin’ with them bands, blow a bag if she pretty
Between me and you
Nigga, go kill your jeweler, shit you rockin’ look DD
Shit I’m rockin’, can’t get it
Spin your block so many times, niggas gettin’ dizzy
They alive, they ain’t livin’ (Huh?)
Pink 10, G6, make a stalker feel it (Yeah)
Money stacked to the ceiling
I just lie ’cause you know sky is the limit
Gotta ride with it with me (Bitch)
Money longer, so you know a nigga gettin’ picky
Bad bitches only (Bad bitches)
Say she five-star, I took her to Coney
They ain’t even notice (Bad bitches)
I done turned it up, now everybody homies
Boy, you Lil Jody
Presidential Rollies that I’m rockin’, I ain’t never voted (Not one time)
Nigga, fuck you little cockroaches, I be steppin’ on ’em (Fuck ’em)
Thousand-eight grams of that A1, wait, I put extra on it (Yeah)
Wanna get like me, you gotta grind, my crib got levels on it (Grind)
[Verse 2]
‘Member they ain’t show a nigga no love (None)
Bag on the plane finna land with me (Mhm)
Count money up when I’m stressed out
Money counter still ain’t fast as me (Nah)
Say she gon’ leave, it ain’t the whole thing
I can’t even give a bitch half of me (Nah)
Two Dracos, black one, woodgrain
Call them bitches Mary-Kate and Ashley (Two Dracos)
Break your boyfriend and take a bitch for my homie
I’ma throw that ho in a cab with me (I’m hoppin’ in the cab)
All I ever did was come through and show love
How the fuck is these niggas mad at me? (How the fuck is niggas mad?)
Hundred racks, I’ll fuck it off on nothin’
‘Member times I ain’t even have a G (Hundred grand ain’t shit)
Almost cried when I seen my ex-bitch
New nigga broke and it’s sad to see (Fuckin’ with a broke nigga)
I feel late tryna grab these M’s
My millionaire niggas tryna grab a B (My nigga, he a billionaire)
How the fuck you broke talkin’ ’bout you got opps?
Gotta have guap if you tryna beef (How you got opps?)
20K, bro come through with the mop
Won’t leave the scene ’til that fucker clean (Mop it up, slime)
FaceTime, mama told me to get some rest
She know her baby boy run the streets (I ain’t gettin’ no sleep)
Time for me to start puttin’ niggas to the test
You don’t shoot your gun, can’t come with me (I don’t even know niggas)
Told y’all wait ’til I get my money right
Niggas really can’t say nothin’ to me (I don’t even talk to niggas)
Ruth’s Chris steaks like every other night
I remember times with nothin’ to eat (I done came up on niggas)
Our Father and our God, we come now
Knowin’ that You know us better
Then we know ourselves, our comings and our goings
Our risings and our fallings
Our beginnings and our end
Asking that You remember us
And now, in a mighty way, that You might protect us
All from the danger and the evil
That this world has to offer
I come asking Your choice blessings on my baby boy Ray
Asking for Your guidance and Your directions
For his gifts and his talents
That You might wrap him up with Your love, Your grace, and Your mercy
Giving him protection, prosperity, and peace
In a dark and dying world
In the name of Jesus, I pray and for his sake, amen