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Cochise – DON’T RUN Lyrics

ARTIST: Cochise


Cochise DON’T RUN Lyrics:

[Intro: Cochise]
Yo’ Cochise, a weh dem a seh?
Yo, yo

[Verse 1: Cochise]
What’s next? (Next)
Heard these niggas comin’ for my neck
Back then I was working at Direct
She like, “Nigga, all you wanna do is flex”
Duh, don’t you see the net? Uh
The net cost a check
A check could cost a jet
She like, “Nigga, now I wish we never met”
[Verse 2: Sam Wise]
If you show me love, better show me respect (Facts)
I’m in this deep deep, straight up ’til my neck
And I’m protected, watch money met
Hate your P from now to death
Tеll ’em we up, tell ‘еm we next
All these [?]
Fuck it, let’s play with no ref
Been in my bag, got crept
I fuck the game like lubricate like MJ how I step
That man face is way too big
Can’t eat, make sure he’s whacked
Write me up a check, yeah

[Bridge: Mally]
Ooh-la-la (Ha, ha)
She want me (Ha, ha)
Ooh-la-la (Ha, ha)
What’s the fee (Ha, ha)
Ooh-la-la, tell a pussy nigga, “Freeze” (Ha, ha)
Ooh-la-la, I’ma give you what you need (Ha, ha)

[Verse 3: BlazeYL]
Yeah, ayy, yo, ayy
Young boy gotta make them moves, check ups
But they don’t know me, I’m next up extra
Baby too extra, I needed one extra
Feel the new vex, uh, I need more money, I need more bands (Skrrt)
I got my fans, I’m fuckin’ on honeys that know about mans
I can’t compensate with them lames, I can’t (I can’t)
I can’t compensate with them lame niggas
I park my [?]
I’m ’bout the money, I’m ’bout that flex
My little honey tryna get me fixed
The way that I put them through the test
[Verse 4: Cochise]
Two gal
Two gone
Too fun
Don’t run, ayy, yeah
No run, no run
No run, we not done
It ain’t finished
Tell the judge, “Extend the sentence”
On my own, independence
All As, good attendance
Okay, got your card (Card, card, card)
What’s the pin? (Ah) What’s the pin? (Ah)
Get it in (Ah)
Niggas actin’ fishy-fishy, see your fins (Ha)
Shawty pull up, swishy-swishy, then she finished
Someone tell it boy
Me not with no fish flavor
[?] watchin’ you behave, yeah
Me [?]
I’m the [?]
Ha, yeah
The pack, the pack
The pack, the pack
The pack, the pack
Ha, Vs in the back
Bs on the back
The team got the strap
The Gs fit her back
Diamonds on me light like limousine
Baby, let me hop on double Cs
Yeah, I’m gettin’ paid, you can tell the [?]
And yeah, I turned red, I’m gettin’ tired of geek
(Oh, yeah, I love me)
Oh yeah, I love me
I’m a freak
I’m prodigy
What you need?
Give me that C, yeah
Nigga that geek, yeah
Nigga that geek, yeah
Nigga, that C, yeah
I was like, “What do you mean?” Ha
Shawty, stop making a scene
Wait, don’t got a key
Wait, don’t get a key
And no, I don’t go in the trees


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