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Icewear Vezzo – F Blocc Lyrics

ARTIST: Icewear Vezzo


Icewear Vezzo F Blocc Lyrics:

(Cashout, what it do, fufu?)
Nigga, Lambo truck, nigga
Alright, huh, yeah

Lambo truck and a Maybach truck, brand new Rover
Hit the pints with water, now my Urus sittin’ on Forgis
Hellcat it go— ain’t pullin’ over
Pop a Xanny bar, jump in that pussy, go retarded
We know you tellin’ lies, don’t feed your guys and be outside
Richard Mille cost a Yung Miami, 305
Count up dog shit just like the mob, suit and ties
Lil’ brother skipped his bail, got two to nine, and blew the trial
Throwin’ gang signs on the couches, free the members
How you pourin’ mud at Rolling Loud? ‘Cause we them niggas (Iced Up Records)
Might throw ten thousand up inside the club to see them titties (Hah)
Fuck around and bring out all my ice, I need a fifty (Bands)
Geekin’, ain’t out without no blick, we be on defense
Mix that Fetty Wap with a lil’ drop, it look like cement, yeah
Real bag, ain’t gotta chase no clout, we really eatin’ (Naw)
You the type to go live with your opps, you niggas tweakin’
Out of town, me and Tony Wood with sixty blicks (Gang)
Patty cake brown like cornbread, that Jiffy mix
Know how I’m comin’, I play running back, we blitzing shit
They pussy, niggas playin’ both sides on iffy shit, huh
Pull that Rover up on the F, I feel like Reese (Doughboy)
Twenty diamond chains in the party, I feel like me, huh (Drank God)
Dream chasin’, ran up a milli’, I’m just like Meek (Yeah)
Throw my Rollie up like I’m Thugger, I’m finna ski, huh (Ski)
Pour an orange Fanta, MC Hammer, too legit (‘Git)
I got white girl, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift
Ghetto Boyz, go’n throw me that pussy, pay your rent (Hah)
We on the F, brodie in the crib weighin’ zips (Yeah)
Got that shit on
Free Slime ‘nem


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