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Rod Wave – Good Luck* Lyrics

ARTIST: Rod Wave
SONG TITLE: Good Luck*


Rod Wave Good Luck* Lyrics:

We move wit’ consequences, and decisions that we chose to make
Wishing I could hit the rewind, back to my older days
Cadillac coupe, Polo t-shirts, and the latest J’s
Never made it to prom, I barely could graduate
Momma house ain’t feel like home, so I left on my own
Still a child, living life grown, lost and living wrong
Ain’t no love for the thugs until we get rich and famous
Keep asking how I made it
Save ya’ money and stay dangerous
Scars and broken hearts are never ending
It’s a long long race ’til you finish
It’s a cold cold world I seen it, dangerous and demons
Just in casе you might need it
Good luck young nigga (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Good luck young nigga

Yеah, yeah