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Rod Wave – Sweet Little Lies* Lyrics

ARTIST: Rod Wave
SONG TITLE: Sweet Little Lies*


Rod Wave Sweet Little Lies* Lyrics:

… I need some damn help
Why say forever if we gon’ die by our damn self?
She said she love don’t mean that our feelings was strong
But after every funeral, life must go on, that’s how it go
Penthouse, top floor, high as ever could be
You would think that they would’ve been came to check up on me
Call the front desk and tell ’em that I need my room cleaned
Housekeeper came in and threw away all my lean
I guess I ain’t sleeping tonight, yeah
That shit there three thousand a pint
My bad attitude keep me in this world alone
In the back of my mind I know
Tell me that you love me, look me deep in my eyes
Tell me that you need me and for me you’ll ride
Write it in your diary a thousand times
Practice your lines, ’cause I love to hear your sweet little lies (Yeah)


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