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Rod Wave – Time Kills* Lyrics

ARTIST: Rod Wave
SONG TITLE: Time Kills*


Rod Wave Time Kills* Lyrics:

(Tre made this beat)
(Ayy, pull up, Lam)

Looking for some happiness again, again, fame changed everything
Staring at the walls in the dark, no, I don’t sleep late at night
My new hood ain’t like my old hood but I still sleep with my fire
I don’t get no sleep, I have nightmares of them taking my life
Sometimes, I sit and remember
But my life was never simple
Do you remember 2014 when I was fourteen
Locked up for letting that .44 sing, how you don’t know me
Break in your shit like I’m a dope fiend, ducking the police
I had real kicking door dreams, this rap shit chose me
And I’m forever grateful ’cause this shit changed my life
But so much came with this shit I feel it can’t be right
I’m always busy, always working how I’m ‘posed to
Always keep my distance these days can’t be too social
I don’t dot the door without my fire ’cause this shit dangerous
I don’t want no bitch off IG live, she wanna be famous
How the fuck we went from love birds to strangers? Uh
Tell me how that work, girl, how’s it feel to my worse girl
It’s okay ’cause I know it get worse, girl
And dear my soulmate, I know it’s late to make amends now
I guess it’s safe to say that that’s what time did
I tried to fix it, you was busy listening to your friends
Too famous to find love again
They same love hurts, this love hurts, uh
Fame make love worse, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh
They say time heals ’cause time heals
What about all the shit time killed? Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, woah
They same love hurts, this love hurts, uh
Fame make love worse, yeah, yeah, woah


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