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Soulja Boy – Catch Me a Body Lyrics

ARTIST: Soulja Boy
SONG TITLE: Catch Me a Body


Soulja Boy Catch Me a Body Lyrics:

Yeah yeah gang
Zone one trap westside with a big 2
If ? play he know he ?
Fuck nigga up in the trap make him do sit ups
She gon suck till she get the hiccups
If i find me a pill i like i pop
Catch me a opp outside i pop
Draco finna catch me a body
Say my name finna catch me a body
Catch me a body these nigga be lame
223 knock out the ?
Red corvette i’m switching the lane
Whipping that dope now their going insane
? gang ?
? get everybody hit up
? hit up me and my gang
? finna blow out his brain
? ? my chain
Zone 1 westside monеy gang ride around outside the lambo
Pussy nigga trapping
Nigga bе talking
Bust down a cartier then jumped out the ?
Ready to catch me a opp then hit out the top
Jumped out the coop got 150 thousand louie gang ?
? opps on my block
Catch be lacking fuck that
50 thousand on a brand new vet
Reach for my neck imma leave your pussy nigga back
Back on the ice we spin they like draco what the fuck you doing
I don’t know if you’ve seen it on the news the internet auido keep battling get back
Can’t know if you paying attention but all that nigga that spoke on my name
Take on your page and see he spoke on my name like damn this shit ain’t no quinessence
Slide slide on a nigga and give a nigga head
You can call the one disclaimer
Speak on my name
I’m sleeping on ?
200 pot 200 ?
? with a pac i’m setting em out
Real really let the story begin
? ? hopped out the vet
Call up my boss for a line
Buss down the cartier buss down the cuben
Buss down everything that i got
Niggas be talking niggas be capping
That’s really why these niggas get shot
If you capping to my face and talking bout ?
Bout to knock on the nigga i don’t think so
We’re winning the race
Knock down and squirt out the scene my sorry i’m on west side murder gang skirting on opps
Knocking down niggas
Trap so hard
Whipping up dope
320 thousand for the ?
? like a corvette i swerving
These nigga be capping
? hit em with Glock
Posted on the block these bitches be looking at me everytime i fly by
Money keep pouring i slide in a foruin
Niggas be capping


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