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Westside Gunn – DANHAUSEN Lyrics

ARTIST: Westside Gunn


Westside Gunn DANHAUSEN Lyrics:


[Verse 1]
Ayo, the proudest with the piranha bites
You know the price poltergeist
Fold the TEC up nice, fiends here
I’mma work out of sight, lose all nights
Since flying kites said, “You’ll be home soon!”
[?] over rights, been swag ever since the devil ceased the blood of Christ (Skrrrrrr)
He was just tryna feed his family and got life (Ah)
Mr. Almighty, can’t nobody can fuck with me, I’m nice (Can’t nobody fuck!)
Shoot your block up (Brr) and take your private flight, rocking nice (Grr, brrrrr, doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot)
The hundred round drum should suffice (Grrrrrrr)
My Cartier has got wood and ice (Wood and icе, ah)
Yo, red leather glovеs with the salt and pepper mink draggin’
Sold dope for 15 years, in the week, practice (Ah)
Imagine me listening to a nigga in cheap fabric (That’s y’all [?])
Your arms too short, while you reach stop, I reach past it
I’m mad sick (Ah), 80k for the watch that been plastic
Tote pouch, doing numbers, fantastic (Skrrrrrr)
Speaking in the acid (Skrrrrr)
The [?] you want boy, I almost crashed it, imagine (Ah)
Inshallah, I wake up to a bad bitch (Ah)
Just done four months straight, that’s a hat track (That’s a hat track)
Ayo, shoot one, they put 20, it’s stains (It’s stains)
Phantom hogging both lanes, it’s a shame (Skrrrr)
Rolls [?] looking all plain, gave my shooter a brick
Told him bring me back 30, he sniffed the whole thing (Sniffed the whole thing)

[Verse 2]
How the turkey can’t go, cherry red dracos (Ah)
Had to stuff the work down ’cause he ain’t grab the draino, though
Ten bricks, take a step, chess, he looking prego
I’m insane though, shootouts all day, though (Brr-brr-brrrrr)
In the same boat, brains float if you giving out halos
Bench press wearing the same clothes (Ah), look how his vein shows
We copy and paste those
You sniff dope and coke with the same nose (Sniff)
Ayo, your favorite rapper trash (Ah)
Red eye on the Hellcat, doing the dash (Skrrrr)
Put money on your head, I ain’t even hit the dash (Boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom!)
If I can’t have it, you going tonight, Hall N’ Nash (Boom-boom-boom-boom!)
Heard your man ratting, nigga, how he get it past (How he get it past)
Heard you ain’t put no work in, how you get a rat (How you get a rat)
Shade off the runway, you ain’t even got to tack (Ah)
Purple with the scorpions hanging off my ass
One blast had him sweating bad in his glass (Ah)
Shoot this shit up with no mask, we rockin’ brass (Brrrrrr, ah)
Laughin’ like, yeah I did it, you felt the wrath (Ah)
Plus your work ain’t come back, you looking sad (Ooh)
Yo, shoot one, nigga, a twenty, it’s the same (Boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom!)
Phantom hogging both lanes, what a shame (Skrrr, what a shame)
Rolls [?] looking all plain, gave my shooter a brick
Told him bring me back 30, he sniffed the whole thing (Sniffed the whole thing)


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