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​yvngxchris – ​hoes vs girls Lyrics

ARTIST: ​yvngxchris
SONG TITLE: ​hoes vs girls


​yvngxchris ​hoes vs girls Lyrics:

Dylvinci got the code

[Verse 1]
Yeah, carry the blick (Uh), bitch, I carry like Mariah
Y’all niggas all on my dick (Uh), dick riding what I’m tired of
You wanna fuck me or my friend? (Uh) I told that bitch to make your mind up
She want the team (Uh), I got the lean, pour that shit in my cup
She gave me the top (Uh), you said I fell off, who told you that lie, bruh?
And today, I felt great (Uh), I rock out the stage, I feel like a rockstar
You know my bae, I take a J to her face, I metamorph into a monster
Glock on me, in Ksubi jean, everything I see is green
Like 2K, not talking cheese, hop out that GLE
Then dump out that mo’fucking clip, that nigga won’t see a thing
Nigga get shot in the back of his head like Lincoln, he don’t want beef with me
She wanna get introduced to all of my family that easily
Oh, fuck no, I could just introduce you to the dick, bitch, you could meet the meat
And I’m never gonna throw my jacket over puddles, damn, bitch, you tryna crease my sneaks?
And I hit from the back, we meat-to-meat, can’t fuck no more ’cause, sheesh, it stinks
And I got her mad, she like, “Why?” ‘Cause I said so
And that bitch wanna follow back on the Instagram, told her, “Hit my Venmo”
And I took her back to the crib, I can’t tell the story, but you know the rest though
If you not fucking, then you not coming, baby, I just hope you got the memo
I’ma leave your ass in the friend zone

[Verse 2]
But, shorty you different
Girl, you ain’t even like these other bitches that I’m just trying to fucking hit it
Girl, I don’t even let ho’s come in my crib, but you just slide through, we can kick it
I’ll even let you smoke my weed ’cause once again, baby, you different (You don’t smoke? Fuck it)
And I really don’t say this, but I fuck with you because you were there when niggas wasn’t
And you don’t even make me mad ’cause some of these ho’s be pushing my buttons (And I’ll even buy you that Gucci jacket you wanted, you know? The one with the buttons)
And all of these hoes want me for the clout, but you be the only one who really doesn’t
Everybody hates when I talk a lot, but you the only one who really love it
I don’t like to tell you what to do, but I better be the only nigga that you fucking
Maybe I’m tripping, maybe I’m all in my head, or maybe I’m on some shit
Baby, you different, I say it a lot, but you steady memorizing songs and shit
Like you know hella songs
Like— Like, I be meeting bitches and they only know “blood on the leaves” and shit, you know?
Like, you really different, like I— I do fuck with you, you know what I’m saying? Hell yeah
Dylvinci got the code


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