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Stunna 4 Vegas – Pay Me To Speak Lyrics

ARTIST: Stunna 4 Vegas
SONG TITLE: Pay Me To Speak


Stunna 4 Vegas Pay Me To Speak Lyrics:

Mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm (Bah)
Mm, mm (Bah, bah)
(Get your bitch ass down)
Grrt, grrt
(Fuck nigga, I’ma nail your bitch ass)

Uh, I make ’em pay me to speak, uh, I won’t even talk for free (Uh-uh)
Uh, they say talk is cheap, so I put diamonds on my teeth (Ice, ice)

[Verse 1]
Bitch, you would’ve thought my niggas was perverts how my niggas creep (Creep)
Uh, drop the window, let that choppa swang, that shit sound like a beat (Bah, bah, bah, bah)
Spot ’em, pop ’em, drop ’em, uh, we make niggas bleed (Get down)
My opps play hide and seek, she love 4, come give that top to me (Eat, eat)
Uh, bitch, we ain’t got’ do no talking, ho, get on your knees (Ain’t got’ do no talking, ho)
Nigga, I ain’t gon’ do no arguing or no copping pleas
Uh, Rae Rae’s son a G, I crack a four, then chuck the east (Blatt)
Won’t leave the house without my heat (Uh-uh)
We smoking shit, no Swisher sweets, bitch
If it ain’t my fire, then it’s them racks stuffed in my jeans (Racks, racks)
Yeah, I fill my cup with lean, everybody eating on my team (Wock’, Wock’)
Uh, I can tell you why these niggas hate (Fuck ’em), bitch, ’cause we get the pape’ (Pape’)
We been back to back in all the SRTs, these lil’ niggas late (Vroom, ayy, look)
Hefe tote that ARP just like a baby Drac’ (Boom, boom, boom, get down)
Taliban think he Z, he just might eat your face (He think he Z)
Uh, she let me paint her face, she a keeper (She a keeper)
Super eater, FN on me sing just like Aliyah (Like Aliyah)
Ayy, that’s my opp stopper, wherever we catch that nigga, that’s where we leave him (That’s where we leave him at)
These niggas crime stoppers, they wanna woof on IG, but won’t get even (Niggas ain’t even, man)
Uh, nigga, come get active, nigga (Come on), I ain’t beefing on your feed (Tryna kill your bitch ass)
I ain’t woofing on your status, I’m tryna find out where they be so we can do another one nasty (Find out where they at, yeah, fuck them)
Swiss cheese the V, no paramedics (Get your bitch ass down)
Them niggas play until we catch ’em, it be RIPs and get betters (Fft, bah, bah, bah, get down)
Uh, I make ’em pay me to speak, I won’t even talk for free (Nigga, I ain’t talk—)
They say talk is cheap, so I put diamonds on my teeth (I put ice all in my shit, yeah)
Nigga, I ain’t finna play with you, I’ma let my choppa speak (I’ll let my chop speak)

[Verse 2]
My opps play hide and seek, catch that boy, then hit delete (Hit delete)
My bitch on fleek, these niggas just wan’ be like me and live like me, but they can’t (Ha, blatt)
Get ’em spanked, these niggas ain’t got chip like me (Niggas ain’t got no fuckin’ money)
Uh, they ain’t gon’ crank or go get a nigga flipped like me (4)
I ain’t never got no gift for Father’s Day, but I got mini mes (I got many mes)
Could get rid of my enemies, but they ain’t making noise (They ain’t making noise)
Them niggas baby boys (Baby boys), ain’t kids, but we stay in toys (Vroom)
Nigga, you ain’t got no pape’, how you gon’ go to war? (Gon’ go to war)
We sippin’ Qua’, bitch, we really drank, we pouring fours or more (Pouring fours or more)
No pin or pape’, no pad or pen (What?), no iPhone, I can’t write a chorus (This shit off the top)
Off the top, she come out her top like she on jersey shore (Ha)
Uh, fuck nigga sent a diss, we want his life, of course (Course)
Niggas try to trick me out my motherfuckin’ spot, but I gotta stay on course (I gotta stay on—)
We still on the bullshit, nigga, I need two or more
You ain’t gon’ do that shit a hundred percent, then what you do it for? (Get your bitch ass down, nigga)
Uh-huh (Fuck you, nigga), these diamonds hit like a boxer in the fourth round (It’s 4)
Nigga get gunned down and then I go on tour (Bah, bah)

Uh, I make ’em pay me to speak, I won’t even talk to for free (Uh, I need that money first)
They say talk is cheap, so I put diamonds on my teeth (So I put diamonds in my, uh, uh)
Nigga, I ain’t finna play with you, I’ll let my choppa speak (I ain’t finna play with your bitch ass)
[Verse 3]
Ayy, listen, P, we’ll light your shit up like a Christmas tree (Ayy, light your shit up like it’s Christmas time)
We do a shh, then switch the V (Ha), my opps play hide and seek (Ha)
She give that top to me (Eat, eat), he ain’t looking for me, be dodging me (Fuck nigga, shut up)
Uh, we get shit hot just like Carter 3 (Hot, bitch)
I wake up, double coffee cup, but this the Wocky-cky (Wocky-cky-cky-cky-cky-cky-cky-cky)
Uh, this ain’t no coffee
That nigga woofing on that ‘Gram, that’s where he lost (On that ‘Gram, that’s where he lost)
Uh, lil’ bro bring me his head, it won’t cost me nothing (Nah)
‘Cause I might be right there when we hopping out dumping

Uh, they get a nigga whacked, they gon’ blame Stunna
Uh, uh, gunner
I ain’t gon’ slide, I’ma do a thunder


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